Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tips-tips untuk kekal didalam Mood...

Sowy sume dalam Bahasa Inggeris sebab nie Outline mse presnt hari tu... Jom Smile sume.... Senyum Kan sedekah yang paling mudah....

1-   Talk to parents, friends or teacher and tell them wahat is going on
a-    This thing can make you feel better because you have share your problems
b-   More over, when we are in bad mood we have to shared to others to make our burden decrease.
2-   Hang out with people you like
a-    You don’t have to do anything specific, They will likely help take your mind off your depression.
b-   When we going out with them we feel that better. Because they know better about us.
3-   Create a mood chart, Tracking your mood over a month
a-    This thing can helps diagnosing what may be contributing to bad moods
b-   You also can know in one month how much you feel better and bad
4-   Keeps a “happy moments” journal
a-    where you record your best memories, succsse, achievements and the moments you felt great.
b-   When you feel down read them and remember how great you are
5-   Smile in the morning
a-    When you smile in the morning you can feel you will cheer in the whole day
b-   Smile smile mobilize more than 80 muscle

Pengertian Islam

1) Bahasa:
Salima - Selmat dan sentosa
Aslama - bermaksud terpelihara dlm keadaan sntosa dsmping mnyerah tunduk patuh dan taat.

2) Istillah:
Mentauhidkan Allah S.W.T. Tunduk, patuh dan jujur hati kepadaNya serta beriman dgn ajaranNYA dan mnjunjung serta mngikut sgala ssuatu yang dibawa oleh Rasulullah.